The first compact and connected capsule machine, making it easy to make your own coffee capsules

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Did you know?

More than 10 billion coffee capsules are sold each year worldwide! Representing more than 50,000 tons of annual waste!

The majority of them are not biodegradable or recyclable posing a real environmental problem

These coffee capsules do not allow you to drink a coffee that meets your taste & They are 4 to 20  times more expensive than classic coffee

Who We Are

Faced with the new expectations of consumers who are demanding healthy products that don’t harm the planet, we invented UKA that offer a user experience allowing them to make their own biodegradable capsules of good, freshly, ground coffee in full transparency.


The connected machine that help you go directly from the ground coffee to the capsule. It allows you to:

Home-made capsules

Produce your own capsules (coffee, tea, chocolate)


Adjust its intensity and that according to your means

Good Taste

Hermetically encapsulate freshly brewed coffee with the taste of your choice and request

Aromas Preservation

Guarantees optimum preservation of all the aromas presented in the roasted coffee beans

How does it work?

You press a button, the coffee is ground, packed and sealed by a lid: and like that the capsule is ready for use.

Whether You are a coffee lover or a professional Artisan


Artisans! We offer you a useful model allowing you to own market shares in the coffee capsules sector without taking risks.


Choose a portioned coffee machine with a modern design that is easy to use and saves time.

Joris Pfaff

Best roaster 2014

The demand today is really about the quality of coffee

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